Monday, May 18, 2020

Celliber Technologies Interview Questions


1)Write a program to set a bit for a number ?

2)Difference between Local and Global Variable ?

3)Difference between Local Static and Global Static ?

4)Difference between Global and Global Static ?

5)Explain memory layout of a C program ?

6)Difference between Structure and Union ?

7)What is Conditional Compilation ?

8)What is Linker ?

9)What is Pre-Processor ?

10)Define Macros ?

11)What is bitfields in Structure ?

12)Explain Structure Padding with examples ?

13)Difference between static and extern ?

14)Difference between auto and register ?

15)Difference between Macro and Inline ?

16)Program for power of 2 (or) not ?

17)What is Dangling,wild,null pointer ?

18) What is Type Casting ?

19)Difference malloc and calloc ?

20)What is Volatile ?

21)Type of datatypes and Operators in C ?

22)Difference between int main() and void main() ?

23)Difference between Intialized and Uninitialized data sections with examples ?


1)Difference between Thread and Process ?

2)What is Multi-Threading ?

3)What is Shared Memory ?

4)What are the Synchronization Techniques ?

5)Difference between Kernel Space and User Space ?

6)What is System call and working of it ?

7)Difference between Static Library and Dynamic Library ?

8)What is IPC Mechanism ?

9)What is Semaphore,Shared Memory,Message  Queue ?

10)Write a Program on Message Queue ?

 Data Structure 

1)Write a program to implement single linked lists with the following Functions :

2)What is Linked List ?

3)Logic for Finding a Middle node ?

4)Explain Implementation of Stack and Queue ?


1)Difference between TCP and UDP ?

2)Explain 3 way Hand Shaking and Four Way Hand Shaking ?

3)Explain about LTE Protocol?

4)What are the different types of socket ?

5)Explain about 2g,3g,4g networks ?

6)What is GSM ?

7)Difference between Dial Up and Wireless GSM ?


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